Flowers at Revival Bar and Kitchen June 29th 2011

Another week of Gorgeous and Green arrangements for a local restaurant.  This last week at Revival, I brought in some lovely japanese maple branches and some wispy asparagus branches.  The asparagus added a lovely texture and soft lines.

I added a few hydgrangea inside the branches, so they could peak out as people see it from different angles.

Here you can see wisps of asparagus leaves  and kale trailing from a simple bouquet of roses and gerbera that were left over from a past event.

We are getting some great local birds of paradise (summertime is a good time to get my hands on more "tropical" flowers that are locally grown) so I added in a couple to this vintage vase arrangement of local organic bells of ireland and celosia that will open in the next few days. Here's a little arrangement I made for the front host table, some lovely maple leaves, local and organic scabiosa pods and organic scabiosa flowers and local crespedia.  I love their shapes. In Green and Health, G&G

June 9th: in the boutique this week

Hi all I frequently update on our lovely floral designs, but I tend to leave out so much of what is actually beautiful and lovely for sale in the Gorgeous and Green boutique.  If you've been to the boutique, you probably know about all the lovely tillandsia we have and the great cards all printed on recycled paper, but there's always new items and small changes, almost on a weekly! We always have locally hand-blown tillandsia terrariums or what I like to call air-iums,  (since they float in the air and hold airplants).  The local glass blower and I like to work on new shapes that will work for the plants and add a new element of design.  I recently started offering a few flat glass terrariums for the airplants to live in, one of which you can see here:

These flat terrariums allow it to rest right up against the wall, so you can hang it from a nail or hook in the wall. I have a new collection of locally made pottery designs from the artist Anna Vaughn, who's eye for color, texture and ornate designs go well with the delicate but very earthy style of the shop.  Her art pots continuously sell very well in the boutique, so get them while you can!  They take her a lot of time to create!

I also recently started carrying lovely, vintage and sustainably made jewelry from local artist Jessica Fein.  Her beautiful and sometimes big rings and earrings make quite a statement, and also great gifts.  The pieces I hand select for the boutique are from her vintage collection, so they are often in short supply.  Here's a pic of some of the rings we have nestled in an old silverware box I repurposed:

And here's a pic of some of the orange and yellow local, non-sprayed and even some organic flowers we have outside, I love all the brightness that has come with summer, that's now finally here!

In Green and Health, G&G

restaurant flower decor from last fall

So I mentioned recently that I would be uploading Gorgeous and Green's weekly pics of Revival's decor, and maybe some of the other business and restaurant decor we do each week.  I happen to have a bunch of pics left on my old broken phone (the one that didn't get stolen) that I wanted to share from last year.  It's kind of fun to see what we've done in the past and how my styles change.  We usually do a small arrangement for the door, and some medium sized arrangements for around the room, and then one large 4 to 6 foot tall arrangement for the back of the room.  I really like lines and clusters, and really avoid a totally round bouquet when I can.

Small arrangement of chestnuts and amaranth, probably fall


small arrangement of organic jade sunflowers, gerbera and amaranth, late fall


Dimly lit, but you can see more chestnuts and amaranth with gerbera.  This one looks like it's got it's claws out and is ready to grab you.

Definitely fall, with the red and yellow changing leaves on branches

Dimly lit again but you can see more fall leaves, organic sunflowers and organic hanging amaranth


Here I've paired the arrangement with local pumpkins and squash.  And that is a big iron pot I've got the flowers in.  Revival is a kitchen after all.

more fall colors and squash

some belladonna paired with reds and oranges.  Love that organic broom corn.

Pilar Gorgeous and Green

Look at a backyard wedding

The bride and her father

I haven't gotten the full photos yet from the Photographer, Amy Ellis, but I thought I would just share some sweet pics from a wedding Gorgeous and Green did a couple of weeks ago.  Although it was in a backyard, it looked so very nice and quaint, perfect for a celebration.

The centerpieces

The bride and groom had asked for a lot of green and also wanted to include elements like blue thistle and lots of eucalyptus and kangaroo paw to note their heritage.  (The groom is from Australia, so the kangaroo paw and eucalyptus or "gum leaves", were a special notation for him)

The happy couple

The bride and groom looked wonderful and they were a joy to work with.  Cheers! G&G

A busy Summer of Sustainable Weddings

Weddings, Green Weddings!

Like most florists and wedding coordinators out there, I've been busy.  So busy, I haven't been keeping up on my blogs.  So sorry. But, I hope to have some wonderful pics from wedding photographers in the coming weeks to show you all that I've been up to.  First though, a sneak peak at a few of my concoctions. A few weeks ago I had a wonderfully organic wedding in Lafayette, Ca.  The bride trusted me to develop a plan for her day and we came up with a plan for collecting recycled cobalt blue vases for her centerpieces.  She wanted pink and since there was so much blue, I added a few touches of yellow, namely from some beautiful sunflowers that were in season. All her flowers came from local growers, and about 75% of them were organic.  Thankfully, a local grower had an abundance of rose colored mini callas.  So I used them wherever I could.  I must have had at least 2 dozen just in the bride's bouquet.  Take a look:

wedding flowers

And I added plenty of those callas in the bridemaid's bouquets as well.  I also added some orchids that yours truly had grown.  For some reason I have good luck with orchid plants.  Nock on a tree.

Steph and bridesmaids

I just had a lovely wedding in Kensington at the community center, and the bride was not a big fan of flowers.  She wanted fruits and vegetables instead.  So I worked some magic with some locally grown fruits and veggies and created some beautiful centerpieces.  Here are some mock centerpieces to give you an idea of what I did:

gg Veggie centerpiece

gg fruit centerpiece

I just love getting creative with what the local earth has to offer in it's abundance.  As you can see, it's dahlia season and I couldn't help but add some locally grown organic dahlias into the mix.

All the centerpieces I've been doing, whether flowers, veggies or branches have included some key elements of sustainability.  All the vases we used in these two wedding ended up getting reused, either in to my collection or into someone's home.  That feels so good!

In Green Weddings and Health,


A Shout out to Blue Heron Farms

Organic Produce and Flowers from Watsonville

We've decided to start going to our local farmer's markets to meet the growers and support them firsthand.  (We shop at Berkeley Bowl, a great source for local produce,  but one step away from the growers themselves). Last Tuesday, we headed over to the Berkeley Farmer's market.  Luckily it's spring/summer, so a few of the local growers had some of their flowers out to sell.  I came upon Blue Heron Farms and their bouquets of organic flowers were beautiful.  They had bells of ireland, sunflowers, cornflowers and dahlias.  I am definitely going to use their flowers in the Green Gala show and fundraiser for the botanical gardens next weekend. blue heron   Blue Heron Farms are members of the California Certified Organic Farmers and the Community Alliance with Family Farmers. For information about Blue Heron Farms, check out their listing at

Market Schedule and Location:

TUESDAYS- BERKELEY 2:00-7:00 WEDNESDAYS- SANTA CRUZ 2:30-6:30 Cedar St., behind logos THURSDAYS- MONTEREY 2:30-6:00 Monterey Penninsula College SATURDAYS: APTOS 8:00am-12:00 Cabrillo College Lot F, BERKELEY 10:00am-2:00pm, PALO ALTO 8:00am-12:00 (May through December)