Full floral design services are available for wedding budgets at $6000 and above, and include a one on one meeting, discussions about style, color and flower particulars, delivery and setup, signed contracts and a personalized design plan that takes into account what is available locally and in season and the look you are trying to achieve.

If you don’t have a $6000 budget, we offer small designer’s choice pickup orders through our online boutique. Entrust us to create beautiful designs in your color scheme and style with what is in season locally.

To book a Full Service Event, Please send us an email: shop@gorgeousandgreen.com


Portfolio Images:

Berkeley Botanical Garden, Images by Steph From The Daisies:


San Francisco City Hall, Images by Vivian Chen Photography:


Hornblower Yacht in SF Bay. Images by Majesta Patterson:


Flora Grubb Gardens, Images by Steven Hughes:



Santa Cruz, Images by George Street Photo:


UCB Memorial Stadium. Images by Vivian Chen Photography:


Berkeley City Club, images by Sonya Yruel :


North Beach, San Francisco. Images by Abi Q Photo:


Pineapple Birthday. Images by Kristine Herman Photography:

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