20% Off The Sustainable Flower School!!

20% Off The Sustainable Flower School!!

All Workshops, Parties and Educational Sessions are 20% off with code: EcoFlowerSchool20 From one-on-one workshop sessions to two-day Sustainable Floristry education covering Installs, Vase arrangements, Personals or the Sustainable Business,...
November 28, 2023
Sponsor Highlight: New Age Floral

Sponsor Highlight: New Age Floral

The Sustainable Flower School is proud to announce that we are supported by in-kind sponsors who provide the school with some of the materials and tools students need to learn...
November 17, 2023
Pilar Zuniga of Gorgeous and Green is a 2023 Mayesh Design Star on Sustainable Floristry and Techniques

Sustainable Design Mechanics for Wearables: a Boutonniere!

As a Mayesh Design Star I had the opportunity to share with you all some of the tips and tricks I have for being as simple and sustainable as possible....
July 11, 2023
Hand tied bouquet made at home during COVID-19 using the spiral method,

Bouquet Making during Covid-19

While Sheltering In Place, I have done some live Instagram Stories to share my love of creating with flowers and to spread a little beauty while we are at home and distant from some of the beauty and people we love.

Here is a shortened video I've completed that can be used as a floral design tutorial or just a glimpse of how to make a hand tied bouquet. 

April 07, 2020