A G&G arrangement in a vase, Available Next Day Mon-Fri

$ 125.00

Order a unique Locally Grown flower arrangement for gift delivery to the East Bay. Every arrangement will be uniquely made featuring local grown flowers.  We may use reds, peaches, pinks, corals, oranges, golds, blues, purples, magenta, burgundy and other rich tones and complementary colors. We tend to design with lots of color, so if you’re looking for something more muted try “The Muted Beauty” Local and sustainable flowers (organic/non-sprayed when possible).  

Two sizes to choose from:


Large: $175

X Large: $225

Local Delivery is $15 or $30+ (depending on hour far away) local delivery available for Berkeley, Oakland and Emeryville via bicycle or carbon neutral/electric car.  Please select the correct zip code or City during checkout.